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Mariposite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Mariposite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Mariposite Properties

Mariposite is a combination stone that consists of green chromium that’s rich in mica within a white dolomitic marble.

It usually exhibits green colors running through grey, cream, or white-colored host rocks.

This stone comes from Mariposa County, California, hence the name.

Why Would You Use Mariposite?

Just like Phlogopite, Mariposite will positively influence the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your life.

It will encourage you to be more flexible in your outlook and with your personality so that you can adapt more easily and confidently to new environments and situations.

This stone will also stimulate self-expression in your creative pursuits, which is why it should be considered as a power stone for creative and artistic types.

Mariposite will reduce your stress and eliminate your fears.

It will make you feel calmer and dispel the exhaustion in your body.

It will instill a feeling of stability in you so that you can achieve you need to do and live a happy and stable life.

In combination with October Birthstone, Mariposite will also bring you inspiration and guidance from the spiritual world and allow you access to the energies of the natural world.

This will help you communicate better with all the things in your surroundings and in your environment.

Mariposite is also called the “stone of the night” because it will bring you prophetic and phenomenal dreams, revelations, and visions.

It will equalize your yin and yang attributes and mental processes. It will promote clarity in your communication between the physical, emotional, and divine realms.

It will also help you answer your questions about being and existing. Mariposite will assist you in aligning yourself and your life with the higher realms.

This stone will enhance your aura and magnify your body’s energy fields. It will also promote mental clarity and activate your psychic abilities.

If you pair it with December Birthstone, it will foster a deeper meditation and help you balance your body with your chakras.

This stone will work to cleanse and smooth the aura and release whatever negativity there may be in your heart and mind.

Mariposite is a very powerful stone that will help you keep the balance in your relationships.

It will also help you exert cooperative efforts in both your personal and professional pursuits!

How Will Mariposite Help You?

Mariposite, Healing and Health

Mariposite can help in relieving insomnia and other sleep problems. It can also strengthen the teeth and bones.

This stone can enhance the functions of the female reproductive system. It can provide healing to skin diseases, and it can also protect the sweat glands and the ovules.

The calming vibrations of this stone make for quite a stress relieving presence – and with stress so often attached to our physical health nowadays, you can surely see the advantages to be had here!

You’ll find that your periods of sleep and rest are much more rejuvenating under the influence of this crystal also.

And of course, the heart chakra, and the health of your heart, can be very much enhanced by Mariposite.

The green color of this crystal matches this chakra, and it means that it helps your circulation and cardiovascular system.

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It also makes this stone a good way of energizing and motivating yourself either before or just after an intensive bout of exercise. You’ll be firing on all cylinders!

Mariposite and Wealth

Mariposite is a loving and gentle stone that will bring you mercy, kindness, and unselfishness in all its forms and manifestations.

It will promote an energetic mind and help you achieve a deeper manifestation of your inner self.

It’s also a stone that will help develop your abilities in handling or managing people that are hard to get along with or constantly question your authority.

Mariposite will seal and repair the energy leakages your energy centers. It will balance and align them so that you will enjoy stable energies.

This stone will also help you get the support that you need when you lack resources. It will also remove your fears of failures or disappointments.

This stone’s healing properties will help you become more generous and compassionate so that your kindness will come back to you a hundredfold.

It will inspire you to be more spontaneous and imaginative, and it will increase your stamina to accomplish your tasks.

Mariposite will help you align your energies and remove the energy blockages so that no effort is wasted.

This stone will inspire you to be more generous and charitable. It will also help you face your fears of losing or failing that are keeping you from accomplishing your goals.

It’s a stone that will cure your fears and instill courage in you. It will promote an inner certainty, confidence, and positivity.

It will give you a winner’s attitude in whatever you’re doing and make you believe that you can do everything!

Mariposite, Love and Relationships

The energies of Mariposite connect to your heart chakra. It will soothe and calm your emotional body so that you will become emotionally balanced and stable.

It will make you recognize emotions which are not doing you any good or not helping you become a better person.

This stone is very supportive of your emotions, letting you look at your life with a heart-centered consciousness.

It will encourage you to be more compassionate and appreciative of everything that you come across in your life.

The energies of this stone will give you a better perspective so that you will not focus on the pain, the anger, and the negative effects. It will help you see the reasons and the lessons.

Mariposite will keep you centered and calm, which will help you deal with your stress and anxiety. It will help you do away with overreactions and make yourself look like a victim!

It’s a unique stone that will help you adapt to the everchanging situations of your life. When it comes to loving, nothing is set in stone.

Things can be going so well one minute, and then everything can come crashing down the next.

Mariposite will help you stay strong and courageous no matter what it is you’re going through. It will encourage you to keep fighting for love, and to never give up on love.

It’s an excellent stone to have when you’re feeling overwhelmed by sadness or grief. It will help you heal your emotional wounds and release all the pain and loneliness that you’re feeling.

Mariposite will also soothe your anger and any kind of negative reaction.

It will strengthen your family relations and bring more happiness to your life. It will allow you to have a more positive and more loving attitude towards life and love.

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It will remind you to become less passive so that wonderful opportunity in love will not pass you by.

This stone will gently open your heart chakra and remove any kind of blockage so that love and happiness will just flow right in!

Mariposite is a very loving stone that will be very supportive when you live alone or when you’re a solitary kind of person. It will infuse you with happiness, peace, and contentment.

It will help you deal with your grief and bring optimism in your life. It will attract love into your life and nourish the love that you already have.

Mariposite will ease the pain that you’re feeling and make you understand that everything happens for a reason.

How to Use Mariposite for the Best Results

It’s recommended that you place a piece of Mariposite in a prominent spot all throughout your house to keep a balanced energy in your atmosphere.

It will attract all the good and beneficial energies and eliminate the negative ones.

Having a piece of Mariposite close to you will keep you safe and stable, even if there are many things happening all at once.

It will keep you anchored, even when you feel like you will be swept away at any moment.

Keep Mariposite on your body so that you will benefit the most from its healing energies. Place it on top of your chakras to harness its beneficial energies!

The Best Combination to use with Mariposite

Mariposite is a very powerful and beneficial stone all on its own, but its energies can be greatly enhanced when combined with Tibetan Quartz Crystal, Tourmalinated Quartz, Andalusite, Petoskey Stone, Halite, Petrified Wood, Red Catlinite, or Dicinite.

It can also be a very potent combination when used with Brecciated Jasper, Aventurine, Apatite, White Coral, Carnelian, Garnet, or Moldavite.

It will also help calm your overactive emotions and thoughts, especially when you’re experiencing difficult times.

It’s best to use it with Dravite, Agate, Dinosaur Bone, Astrophyllite, Diopside, Azurite, Malachite, Covellite, Berlinite, Chrysocolla, Bloodstone, Celestite, Blue Phantom Quartz, or Cerrusite.

If you wish to ease your worries and anxieties, you can pair Mariposite with Plume Agate, Puddingstone, Pink Manganocalcite, Rhodonite, Picasso Stone, Labradorite, Howlite, Sandalwood, Kambaba Jasper, Tantalite, or Wonderstone.

Mariposite and Emotional Healing

Mariposite is an excellent stone to have because it’s very effective in changing problematic emotional situations for the better.

The emotional healing energies of this stone will encourage you to become more confident with your decisions and more flexible in your way of living your life.

One failure does not mean a failed life, after all.

The supportive energies of Mariposite will remind you that it’s just a bad day and not a bad life. It’s just a breakup and not the end of your life. It’s just a divorce and not goodbye to love forever!

Mariposite will take care of you and your well-being by helping you see the rainbow after the rain. Its warm and loving energies will bring you a sense of peace and calm, not emptiness or isolation.

It will also help you get rid of the mental or emotional exhaustion that’s keeping you from looking forward to what’s to come.

What this stone will do is to also infuse you with a feeling of stability and security so that you will know you’ll be alright come what may.

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Mariposite will remind you that the best is always yet to come, and that you have the power to own your life and make the best of it.

You are the captain of your ship, and you can be as happy and as satisfied as you allow yourself to be!

Mariposite will make you feel stable and secure so that you will be more confident in doing what you must do to be happy and free.

This stone is also a highly cleansing stone, so it will work wonders in your life when you want to pick up the pieces or start over with a clean slate.

It will help you release whatever negative lingering feelings there are in your heart and in your mind, just pair it with the June Birthstone.

They prevent you from seeing what you are truly worth and what bright opportunities are still there waiting for you.

Mariposite is a very powerful stone that will support you in keeping your emotional life in balance.

There are so many things to consider and so many people weighing in on the situation that it’s very challenging to keep your relationship running smoothly.

Having a piece of Mariposite with you will support you as you make the tough but necessary decisions.

It will reinforce your beliefs so that you will be strong in your decisions and faithful in your commitments.

Its loving energies will work on activating, boosting, balancing, or unlocking your heart chakra. You know you’re in good hands with a stone that soothes and takes care of this particular chakra.

Mariposite will calm your overactive emotions and soothe your emotional body so that you will not end up making mistakes or doing things that you might regret in the end.

With the help of this very powerful stone, you will know the things that you did wrong and the things that you can improve on to achieve complete and total emotional healing!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Mariposite
mariposite meaning

Mariposite will help you adapt to new situations quite easily.

It’s known to be a stone that will reduce your stress and help you become more balanced and calm.

It will help you grow, change, adapt, and be more flexible to your situations, both good and bad.

It’s a stone that will give you a calm and steady space in the face of change.

This calm and balance that Mariposite will give you will also reduce your fears, making you more confident and happier in life.

This stone will help you cope with work or energy overload.

It will dispel your stress and exhaustion and infuse you with feelings of calm and relaxation.

It’s also a stone that will unlock your imagination and creative self-expression!

Truly Mariposite is a very handy and powerful stone to have with you at all times.

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