Kunzite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Kunzite Properties

Kunzite is a fairly young gemstone and was only discovered in 1902 by gemstone specialist and jeweler George Frederick Kunz.

It was discovered in San Diego County, California.

Kunzite is of the pink Spodumene variety. It’s a gemstone that has a pink to violet color, and sometimes it’s even colorless.

It’s a transparent and high luster stone. Kunzite gets its beautiful lilac pink colors from the presence of manganese in the stone.

Kunzite Rough ExampleIt’s a gemstone that’s loved for its color and clarity.

The brighter shade of color pink or lilac, the more valuable the Kunzite stone is.

Kunzite can be found in different locations in the world, such as the USA, Madagascar, Brazil, and Afghanistan.

Why Would You Use Kunzite?

Kunzite is a popular stone because of its healing properties. It’s sometimes known as The Woman’s Stone because it helps young mothers who are having a tough time taking care of their young child.

It’s a pretty effective stone that will help overactive children settle down come bedtime, and the stone’s energies will also help young children have a good night’s sleep.

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Kunzite will bring you inner peace and give you a high capacity for achieving wisdom and understanding.

It will calm all the noise and chaos in your life, and you will enjoy peace and serenity whenever you need it.

Kunzite can help you let go of your fears and worries about the future, and it will ease your sadness and anxieties in the present.

It will make you focus on what you need to do so that you can achieve anything that you want to.

It will give you a surge of confidence to bond with people, especially new friends and colleagues. It will help break the ice, and it will help you form connections quickly.

Kunzite will also restore your trust in yourself and others. All the bad experiences that you have gone through will only make you better in time.

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They will not make you less of a person, so don’t think for one second that they will make you less likeable or desirable.

Kunzite energies will bring you great empathy for the people surrounding you.

You will have more kindness and compassion for them, and you will be inspired to make their lives better, even in your own little way.

Kunzite also has the ability to connect your heart to your mind and bring greater harmony into your life.

When your heart and mind go harmoniously together, everything else will simply follow.

It’s also a very spiritual stone that will help you connect to your source of unconditional love. This will always prompt you to think loving thoughts and do loving actions.

It’s a stone that can ground and center you and help you have a deep sense of peace. Its high vibrations can help you achieve a deep and meditative state.

Kunzite will also enhance your self-expression and creativity.

All the ideas that are stored in your head will come pouring out of you.

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Kunzite’s pastel tones also symbolize innocence and purity. It will inspire you to lead a healthier and better lifestyle.

More importantly, it will make you see the error of your ways and correct the mistakes that you have made or are making.

How Will Kunzite Help You?

Kunzite, Healing and Health

Kunzite will strengthen heart muscles and boost your circulatory system. It will also be helpful to your skeletal and muscular system.

It’s a good stone that can assist you with your anxiety and depression. It can help you battle your addictions and your body deal with the effects of quitting your addictions.

It will aid in the treatment of anemia. Its energies are also good for treating any kind of inflammation or swelling.

Its healing energies are also good for throat, lungs, and brain issues.

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Kunzite will also help your body achieve its natural hormonal balance.

Kunzite and Wealth

It’s a stone that can bring the wearer lots of blessings, good luck, and prosperity. Wearing this stone will bless you with good fortune.

Kunzite, Love and Relationships

Kunzite is a stone of romantic love. If you want to increase your chances in finding your soulmate or the love of your life, keep this stone always close to your body.

It’s a good stone that can enhance your communication with the person you love.

Oftentimes you don’t know how to talk to someone you love for fear of being brushed off, mocked, or laughed at.

Kunzite will break down communication barriers and allow you to share anything you think or feel whenever you feel like sharing it with your loved one.

Kunzite will also dissolve the problems in your relationship.

It will help you overcome any obstacle that you’re facing in your relationship.

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It will inspire you to be a better friend and lover so that you will also build a better relationship.

It’s an excellent stone to carry around with you when you’re feeling nervous around someone you like. Bring it with you on your first date, and you will charm the socks off anyone.

If you want more confidence so that your personality will shine through, channel the energies of the Kunzite. You will be intriguing, interesting, and entertaining.

But most of all, you will be just yourself.

Kunzite is also a healing stone. It will help you heal from your heartbreak. It will show you how you can let go of the sadness, anger, bitterness, and resentment.

It will remove all the negativity in your life and replace it with positive energies.

Kunzite will restore your emotional balance and remove anything that’s causing you pain.

It will give you the emotional freedom that you need so that you can truly move on with your life.

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Kunzite will also teach you how to love yourself and know your worth. It will show you how to be kind and gentle to yourself.

When you are focused too much on the outside world, Kunzite will help you become more contemplative and introspective.

It will give you more time to listen to your thoughts and focus on your emotions.

It will release anything that’s blocking the flow of good energies in your life. It will let go of your emotional baggage and replace it with love and happiness.

It’s a strong and calming stone that will give you peace and tranquility during tumultuous times. It will help you focus on all the good things you’ve got going for you.

Kunzite will release all the tension and anger and fill you with vibrations of peace and love that will help heal your heart.

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How to Use Kunzite for the Best Results

Kunzite jewelry is very beautiful and quite inexpensive.

Wearing Kunzite regularly will be extremely beneficial because you will keep its energies close to your personal auric field.

Kunzite is prone to fading when exposed to too much heat or too much direct sunlight. The best way to care for your Kunzite is by placing it inside a jewelry box that’s properly sealed.

It should be cleansed under running water every 15 days. You can also charge it using any rock crystal.

The Best Combination to Use with Kunzite

Kunzite can be combined with other stones like Smithsonite or Lemurian Crystal to enhance the good vibrations in your body.

You can also pair it with Hiddenite if you want to increase its love vibrations.

Kunzite will also work effectively with your love desires when paired with Rhodonite, Tugtupite, Pink Rhodochrosite, Pink Tourmaline, Morganite, Rose Quartz, and Eudialyte.

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If you need help with your emotional problems, use Kunzite with Lithium Quartz, Yellow Amblygonite, and Lilac Lepidolite.

You can also combine it with Iolite stones or Lapis Lazuli if you want to be more receptive to love.

Pairing it with Magnesite or Pink Lazurine will bring you more joy and happiness when it comes to matters of the heart.

When you combine your Kunzite with Phenacite, Scolecite, Natrolite, Heulandite, and Nirvana Quartz, it will help you open yourself to the energies of the higher spiritual realms.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Kunzitekunzite meaning

Kunzite will help you release your outer influences and fill your life with all things good and beautiful.

It’s a spiritual crystal that will release you from the painful past and eliminate your fears.

It will open you up to new love and free your heart from all the negativity that has built up there.

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It will make you more sensitive and receptive to love.

Kunzite will protect you and keep anything or anyone negative away from you.

It will encourage you to open yourself to unconditional love.

It will inspire you to strengthen the love that you share with your partner, your spouse, your family, and your friends.

It’s an excellent stone that will be calming to your emotions and be an excellent tool to relieve the stress in your body.

It will allow l the continuous flow of joy and love in your life and help you heal on all levels.

Most importantly, Kunzite will help you create loving thoughts and encourage loving communication.