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Learn about crystal meanings and metaphysical healing properties lore of stones that start with the letter T including Tanzanite, Tsavorite and others.

Crystal meanings and metaphysical healing lore and related information about stones which start with the letter T are shown here in brief. Crystal formations which start with T are also included. You can search for a particular type of crystal that begins with the letter T using your browser's search function. For most crystals  and formations you can click the name to see photos and additional information on that crystal.

Tabby (Tabular) Crystals - Activate other stones, more

Tangerine Aura - Self-Confidence, Release Sexual Blocks, more

Tanzan Aura - Intuition/Pyshic, Spirit Guides, Reclaim Passion, more

Tasmanite - See Atlantisite

Tanzanite - Magic, Success, Stress Relief - more

Tektite - Wisdom, Knowledge, Strengthen One's Energy Field, more

Third Eye Chakra - Ajna (Brow) - mental clarity, psychic abilities, colors are primarily indigo, violet or purple, more

Throat Chakra - Vishuddha - communication, truthfulness, colors are primarily blue or turquoise, more

Thulite - Nurturing, Heal Abuse, more

Tiffany Stone - Remove Chakra Energy Blockages, Psychic Communication and Interpretation, more

Tiger Iron (Mugglestone) - Protection from Danger, Vitality, Willpower, More

Tigers Eye - Protection, Grounding, Integrity, more

American Tigers Eye - See Binghamite

Blue Tigers Eye (Hawk's Eye) - Communication, Courage, Throat Chakra, more

Red Tigers Eye aka Dragon's Eye or Ox Eye - Vitality, Stability, Willpower, more

Time Link to the Future (Right Activation) - Time Link to the Future, Increase Right Brain Functions, more

Time Link to Past (Left Activation) Crystals - Link to Past, more

Titanium Aura Quartz (Flame Aura) - Astral Journeys, Remove Blockages, Psychic, more

Topaz - Balance, Release Tension, Success, Protection more

Blue Topaz - Leadership Ability, Psychic Knowledge, Spirital Growth, more

Mystic Topaz - Topaz energies plus color energies of the stone's color, more

Silver Topaz -Depression, Manifestation, more

Tourmaline - Happiness, Compassion, Channeling, more

Black Tourmaline  - See Schorl

Transmitter Crystal - Find Answers to Questions, more

Tree Agate - See Crystals A page for all Agates

Trigger crystals - activate the crystals strength, more

Tsavorite - Manifestation, Destiny, Prosperity, Spiritual World, more

Turitella (Turitella agate) - Protection, Business, Excellence, more

Turquoise - Sacred, Master Healer Stone, Abundance, more

Yellow Turquoise - Personal Power, Positive Energy, Communication, more

Turquonite (Turquenite) - Inner Peace, Decrease Critical Mind, more

Twin Crystals - Strengthen Relationships, Soulmate, more

Tanzanite Example

Tanzanite Example


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Blue Tiger Eye aka Hawk's Eye Example

Blue Tiger Eye aka Hawk's Eye Example

Titanium Aura Example

Titanium Aura Example

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