Celestite is called an angelic stone. What other properties does it have? Learn here.

Alternate Names & Spellings of Celestite:  Celestine, Sicilianite

Crystal Meanings Lore of Celestite

Keywords: Angels

Celestite, aka celestine, is said to be an angelic stone. It is used to foster and forge connections to the angel realm and even to angels themselves. Tradition has it that celestite has been given consciousness raising and guidance powers from the angels. Using celestite with sincere prayer or meditation one can channel angelic wisdom and communications.

Celestite is a great tool for meditation on any subject, bringing in perfect angelic universal energy to the effort. It helps block out distracting "noise" and focus on other planes of existence. It is also an excellent tool for astral travel.

Celestite purifies the aura of humans as well as other beings.  This can be helpful for anything ranging from day to day living, to supporting healing, to enhancing relationships and more.

From its synergistic energies of the crown and throat chakras, celestite brings balance to thought processes and communication. With celestite one can find the ability to organize pertinent information, discard the irrelevant, and communicate the results with ease. This can be a boon to anyone, but especially to writers and public speakers.

Celestite brings a number of positive energies to the emotional realm. It can lend its essence to reduce and eliminate worry, fear and anxiety and bring hope. It is also an excellent tool for emotional protection. In these ways it decreases negativity and negative energy in one's emotional body and life.

In crystal healing work, celestite is used for healing eye problems, mental disorders, stress and anxiety related disorders, ear problems, proper cellular order, eliminating toxins, thyroid, digestive problems.  

Celestite may contain aluminum.

Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Celestite is associated primarily with the crown and throat chakras. It is also said to perfect all the chakras, balancing and energizing to the highest level.

From my personal perspective

Celestite is crystal with a gentle but penetrating energy. In the same way I couldn't outrun an angel, I can't outrun the energy of this softly vibrant crystal. I keep a small cluster from a Celestite geode on my desk to remind me of and keep me connected to angelic energy.


Hardness (Mohs):  3-3.5
Color(s):  Colorless, shades of light blue or white usually; rarely other colors such as orange, reddish, pale green, pale brown
Transparency:  Transparent, Translucent
Lustre: Vitreous, Pearly
Common / Notable Locations:  Madagascar, Malawi, Pennsylvania, USA

Rock Lore & Tidbits: Celestite is named for the Greek work for "celestial" for the pale blue of the first samples identified. It is the most common strontium mineral.

Celestite Crystal Cluster


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Celestite aka Celestine Cluster

Celestite aka Celestine Cluster

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