Ways To Use Crystals

There are many ways to use crystals and stones metaphysically for healing and crystal magic. Most crystals and stones are used in a number of more traditional metaphysical ways ways. Certain stones are used in specific ways, and some people have specific favorite methods for any particular type of stone. And there are endless unique ways of using them. The most important part in using them, I’ve found, is that both you and the crystal are comfortable with the method chosen.

Most stones should have their energy cleared before working with them metaphysically or energetically. 

Some methods of using crystals and their energy metaphysically:

Chakras Therapy – Laying crystals on a chakra to affect parts and issues related to that chakra.

Color Therapy – Crystals are often used as part of color therapy.

Crystal Grids – Crystal magick is used sometimes with grids where the crystals are set in a pattern for a specific use.

Crystal Healing – Crystals are used quite a lot in crystal healing in conjunction with Reiki, such as Reiki Crystal Baths, or as an adjunct to other alternative or traditional healing modalities. Also with Chakras Therapy above or other therapies.

Crystal Magick – Various kinds of magick and spellwork where crystals are used. There are many different kinds, such as protection or love.

Environment – Stones can be used around the house, workplace or other environment to improve the atmosphere, bring certain energies, or for spell work such as protection spells. They’re also wonderful for creating a more beautiful environment.

Gem Elixirs – aka crystal elixirs or crystal waters or gem waters, are made and imbued with crystal energy to be drank or bathed in. Just be sure to use an indirect method for stones that will melt or can be dangerous in water.

Jewelry – Worn, or in some cases carried. Some believe that the crystal or stone jewelry must be inside your aura and others believe it should be touching your skin. I’ve found that having the jewelry inside your aura works, but I feel you should do whatever you feel best about!

Meditation – Crystals are often used to strengthen and deepen meditation.

Programming Crystals – Crystals can be programmed to bring their energies to most any type of thing you wish.

Psychic and Intuitive – Crystals are used extensively for psychic and intuitive work such as scrying, clairaudience, astral travel and more.

You can use your imagination and find even more ways to use crystals, but this covers their basic types of uses. 

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Green Apophyllite Example
Green Apophyllite Example

Lemurian Seed Crystal

Zebra Stone