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To request a link send the info noted below to the email shown to suggest a link for my resources directory or request a link trade. I only accept link suggestions or requests sent to this address with this information in it.

The easiest ways to keep me from adding your link: 1) Cop an attitude. That’s almost a 100% booby prize winner. 2) Use any other email address to get the link information to me. 3) Email me repeatedly about why I haven’t added your link yet. 

Email to: tradealink AT

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I’ll check out your site and link to it if it’s appropriate. What counts as appropriate? Sites related to jewelry, crystals, stones, minerals, cats, metaphysical, mystical, New Age, spirituality, and healing are usually appropriate. I’ll also consider other kinds of useful or interesting sites too, as long as they’re not inappropriate. Link farms are almost never appropriate. Sites that are unfinished or full of bad links or exploitational are almost never appropriate either. Reciprocal Links are requested but not required if you have a really awesome site, whether commercial or otherwise. I reserve the right to pick and choose. And guess what, I’ll not complain about your right to pick and choose what goes on your site! Appropriate links may be placed in the resources section of or any other appropriate area at

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Advertising is handled on a case by case basis for showing your ad on some agreed-upon portion of I do not provide metrics or click-through information at this time. Ad prices average from $10-30 per month for three months minimum period.

Email me at robynoffice AT 

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Without all this information I can not determine whether your ad would be a good match for my site or give a quote.

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