Lithio Laser Crystal

Alternate Names & Name Spellings: Litho-Laser Crystals, Lithio-Laser Quartz

Hardness (Mohs): 7
Color(s): Clear to White with Green Lepidolite inclusions
Lustre: Vitreous
Transparency: Transparent, Translucent, with Inclusions
Habit: widely variable, trigonal-trapezohedral, crystals often columnar
Only Location: Diamantina, Brazil

Rock Lore & Tidbits: Lithio-Laser Crystals are Diamantina, Brazil quartz crystals with green lepidolite in and/or on the crystals. Inclusions of green lepidolite in quartz crystal are exceedingly rare, to the point that many rockhounds have never seen this combination. This is the first and only time crystals like this have ever been found. Only approximately 160 lbs of these exceptional crystals were found, total. That was all that was in the pocket that contained them, and they’re not likely to ever be found again.

Metaphysical and Healing Properties Lore

Keywords: Integration, Inner Growth

Because Lithio-Laser Crystals are a combination of quartz and green lepidolite, they have both the properties of the quartz, and the lepidolite, as well as unique energies of their own. Many of the Lithio-Laser Crystals have additional powerful formations and are laser wands and Lemurian seed crystals. Many also have keys or other formations. However, even the less unusual crystal shapes have distinctive and powerful crystal energies.

Lithio-Laser Crystals are integrators, bringing together mind, body, emotions and spirit, allowing direct connection to the Higher Self and the Soul Plane. As they bring their energies to one’s integration, they can break down internal barriers of illusion. Lithio-Laser Crystals carry powerful energies for breaking down barriers to pre-verbal issues from childhood which cause disease of the mind, body, and emotions. They can bring these issues to consciousness to be dealt with and healed. This process of breaking down internal barriers can be distressing or overwhelming for those who are not ready for these energies and ready to be healed of these issues from the past. However, unearthing these issues will, through inner growth, ultimately bring one past a state of fearing that the natural state of life is to be harmed in some unknown way.

Lithio-Laser Crystals are also said to be Sacred Bridge Crystals that allow us to access the New Direct DNA Altering when you allow these crystals to connect your core being to the newly discovered double helix nebula. They have been sent to use to help us through the changes that lightworkers are going through across the planet this century.

Lithio-Laser Crystals are extremely powerful crystals, to the point that their energies can feel overpowering at first to people who are sensitive to crystal energies. These crystals are not for everyone, due to the intensity of their energy. They are so powerful that if one is not ready for them, that person is likely to feel much distress, confusion or emotional overload when first encountering them.

 Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Lithio Laser Crystals
Lithio Laser Crystals
Lithio Laser Crystal
Lithio Laser Crystal

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