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A Simple Energy Clearing Method

Sometimes we need a quick way to clear energy, to remove excess or negative energy from our hands or auras. When I did psychic readings, I had to have a quick and easy way to clear energy between readings. The one I used was very simple: an energy clearing bag. An energy clearing bag is very easy to make and use. 

To make your own energy clearing bag, there are just a few steps. First, get a cloth pouch or bag that you can tie or seal shut. You want to be sure that it will securely hold the salt you will put in it. Next get enough Himalayan pink salt or other halite / salt to fill at least half the bag. The salt can be coarse or fine. Personally, I find it best to use a somewhat coarse grained salt since it has less of a tendency to sneak out around the tie or seal. You can also add white sage if you like, but the salt works very well on its own. Lastly, just fill your bag or pouch to at least half full and tie or seal it shut.

To use it, roll or crunch the bag between your hands. Roll the bag several times in your hands  to clear negative or excess energy from them. Usually a half dozen or so times will do, but if you feel a need to do it more, then do so. You can also use the energy clearing bag on other body parts, crystals, or other items to quickly clear their energy by rubbing it on them.

You can carry your pouch with you where ever you go. I keep one at my desk all the time and often carry one with me. Just be sure not to get the bag wet, as the salt will melt.

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Crystals for Good Chi?

QUESTION: "My new front door opens up into a wall.  Bad chi.  I have photo of the wisteria Trail from Japan to put there, a water fountain and either an Orchid or Bamboo plant.  What crystals should I add for good Chi to come in and not leave?"

MY ANSWER:  Feng Shui, which it seems you are using in your approach, is a great perspective. I am not a student of Feng Shui in particular, though. I did find a link that looks useful about with Feng Shui with crystals that might help.

Other references for using crystals with Feng Shui include: Top 10 Feng Sui Crystals,  Using Crystals in Feng Shui, Feng Shui.

My personal go to crystals for positive energy are clear quartz and citrine.

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Quartz Crystals

Quartz Crystals

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