Learn about protection magic lore, protection stones, and more about physical, psychic and other types of spiritual protection.

Magic Lore, Magickal Protection from Negativity, Protective Stones, and other Physical and Psychic Protection


I am often asked what stones, symbols or rituals are best according to mystical lore energy information to protect one from evil or from psychic attack or some other type of negative energy. There are many!

Exactly what crystals to use for protection varies according to what you want to protect or want to protect against, one's religious background and beliefs, and cultural background. What may be considered protective by one culture or religion may not be considered so by another. So how on earth (or elsewhere!) do you find your way around all this? Mainly, intuition or gut feeling, and experimentation.

Many get discouraged by this, feeling like they can't possibly figure it out. So, many traditions have sprung up with items noted for their protective energies. This can save some of the experimentation for sure!

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In this section of the site, I'm trying to give you ideas and thoughts about traditional and more recent New Age protection spells, energies, stones, etc. to hopefully point you in a direction that will work for you. As with everything, trust your gut feeling and go with that, because what works best for you will no doubt be different from what works best for me or someone else.

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