Solar Quartz is powerful

Solar Quartz: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Solar Quartz Properties

Solar Quartz is a natural agatized quartz sliced from stalactites in clear, white, or gray, and oftentimes with mossy inclusions.

Solar quartz is available in a variety of glowing and vibrant colors.

When examining the center, you can see transparent, mossy shapes as well.

Why Would You Use Solar Quartz?

As with all quartzes, Solar Quartz is an energy enhancer that will connect you to your spirit and promote harmony in all aspects of your life.

Solar Quartz has the ability to give emotional strength and uplift you with its great energy and power.

This crystal also possesses the properties of the Clear Quartz.

It will purify you on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. It will also facilitate better communication with spirit beings and more!

Solar Quartz is connected with the crown chakra, but it also works well on all the chakras, especially when you pair it Crazy Lace Agate.

There are many healing energies that you can benefit from with Solar Quartz. It will connect the spirit and give you strength and clarity in all aspects.

Beautiful Solar Quartz jewelry

This crystal will amplify it healing powers and transmit them.

It will stimulate your body tissues and fluids, which can result to advanced physical healing.

Holding a Solar Quartz with Dravite will make you feel like you’re being drawn to your middle point.

Once the energies reach your center, it will feel like a wormhole opening, and you will be connected to the energies of the sun!

A lot of people believe that Solar Quartz is the link between the physical body and the dimensions of your mind.

You can also use Solar Quartz to communicate with animals, plants, and even minerals!

Whenever you wear your Solar Quartz, you will be collecting unique and important information about the crystal. What you need will harmonize with the crystal’s powers.

It will make your life easier, and it can pave a new way for you to reach your goals and achieve success.

When you truly get to know this crystal, you will realize that it’s not only a beautiful and elegant crystal.

It’s also a companion crystal that will give you the support that you need at any given time if you use it in combination with Montana Agate!

You can find Solar Quartz in many locations all over the world. The main sources of this crystal are Brazil and Africa, but some pieces also come from parts of Asia.

The shape of Solar Quartz will vary, depending on its appearance and condition when it was mined.

In many cases, the shapes are more freeform, which means they will be likely cut to the same shape they were originally found in.

Solar Quartz is among the most flexible stones because of its multiple purpose. It can be collected for curative purposes, or to increase your personal power and healing.

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This crystal can produce a force field of healing and curing negative ions while cleansing the surroundings of positive ions. This will protect the aura and dispel the static electricity.

It will also get rid of the harmful effects of radioactivity and radiation.

When used in meditation, it will filter out the distractions and help empty your mind. It will also allow a feeling of oneness in yourself and make for a really meditative state.

How Will Solar Quartz Help You?

Solar Quartz, Healing and Health

Solar Quartz is a master healer crystal and can be used for any health condition. It is thought to have the ability to stimulate the immune system and support the functions of the circulatory system.

It can enhance the energy flow and bring the body back into balance. Solar Quartz has been used to treat vertigo and migraine headaches.

It can stabilize dizziness, motion sickness, and vertigo.

It can also assist with weight loss by improving metabolism. It can dispel stress and exhaustion and refill the body with lost energies.

When taken as an elixir, Solar Quartz can eliminate toxins from the system. It can also help in the treatment of digestive disorders, like diarrhea.

It can assist with bladder and kidney infections as well.

Solar Quartz can soothe injured or painful areas, and it can draw away the pain and eliminate blistering.

It can also give healing to burns and work as a tropical elixir in treating skin problems.

Solar Quartz and Wealth

Solar Quartz will make your life easier by finding new ways to reach your financial goals.

It will show you how you can achieve success in life by staying true to yourself and believing in what you can make possible.

This will bring clarity and strength to the intellect, and it will boost your concentration. It will also strengthen your memory retention by removing the distractions.

By visualizing an image of your intentions or your desired outcomes during your meditative session, Solar Quartz will provide a powerful psychic amplification.

Solar Quartz will remember and magnify the energy patterns, so using this same crystal in your meditations will allow your focused intentions to manifest in your life.

Programming your Solar Quartz in this manner will assist you to in accomplishing any goal that you set.

It will make you focus on the things that you want to achieve and attract the abundant energies that you deserve!

Solar Quartz, Love and Relationships

Solar Quartz will act as your deep soul cleanser and purify your heart, mind, and soul. It will magnify the good feelings in your relationship, and it will get rid of the negativity.

It will stimulate positive thoughts and emotions, and it will help you release the emotional trauma that you have been suffering from.

With a better perception of love and relationships, Solar Quartz will increase your awareness and clear you of your prejudices.

This crystal will give you enhanced energy. It will make you persevere for the things that you want to happen in yourself and in your significant other.

It will inspire you to be more understanding and patient, especially when things don’t happen as they should.

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More importantly, it will teach you to live, love, and laugh because life should not have to be so serious all the time!

How to Use Solar Quartz for the Best Results

If you want to have high levels of your personal energy, it’s best to carry a piece of Solar Quartz as a tumbled stone. You can also touch it as needed for an instant uplift.

You can add a piece of Solar Quartz crystal to your bath water, or make a Solar Quartz elixir to drink or spritz on your pulse points.

Make sure that you soak your crystal in the water from the first light of day to about midday.

In the workplace, you can use it as a filter against harm or negativity.

When you place a piece of Solar Quartz on your work desk, you can transform critical words into supportive and encouraging words.

You will also never run out of great ideas and motivating energies.

Solar Quartz crystals are wonderful energy dispersers. Place them on any window in your home or your office so that you will receive energy and disperse it in the room.

The Best Combination to Use with Solar Quartz

If you want to achieve brain chemical balance and enhance the ability of your brain, you can pair Solar Quartz with Strombolite, Seraphinite, Hematite, Gehlenite, Garnet, Elestial Crystals, and Aragonite.

Solar Quartz can also enhance dream work or dream recall, especially when you use it with Sugilite, Smokey Quartz, Ruby, Nebula Stone, Labradorite, Kyanite, and Herkimer Diamond.

Solar Quartz and Spiritual Energy

When you first see a Solar Quartz crystal, you will marvel at its bright and beautiful colors.

But you will fall in love with this crystal even more when you realize that it’s a crystal that can give so many benefits to your body, heart, mind, and spirit.

The healing energies of Solar Quartz will promote harmony in different areas of your life, just like the energies of the October Birthstone.

This crystal will make sure that you are connected to your spirit no matter how busy you are with your daily life.

It will encourage you to nourish your spirit in both little and big ways so that you will live a life that’s truly inspired.

The spiritual energy of Solar Quartz will also give you the strength to handle whatever comes your way, particularly in your emotional and spiritual life.

This crystal has great power, and it will be able to lift you up when your body is weak and when your spirits are low.

Solar Quartz is also a powerful cleanser that will purify not only your spirit but also your body, heart, and mind.

When you are pure and free from anything that holds you back, you will be able to lead a more enlightened existence and easily connect to others on a higher and fuller level.

When you’re going through a difficult time and you feel like there’s no hope left, the spiritual energy of Solar Quartz will embrace you with its warmth and reassure you that everything will be okay.

It will give you strength and courage to keep fighting, as well as faith to keep believing.

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It will clear the fog that’s in your head and lift the weight that is in your heart.

All the things that are making you weak in your heart and mind will be dispelled so that there’s only room for the good stuff.

When you regularly wear or use your Solar Quartz, you will also be able to harmonize with the energies and vibrations of the crystal.

This crystal will not magically make all your fears, worries, and problems disappear. However, it will help you better handle them and find the right solutions that will ultimately lead you to your happiness and success.

Solar-Quartz is more than just a beautiful crystal. It’s a fantastic companion and support crystal that will give you what you need anytime.

Simply hold the crystal in your hands or gaze at it while thinking of your intentions. Focus on what you want to accomplish or what you want to have.

The crystal is always listening, so make sure that you only send out the intentions or goals that you truly want to make manifest in your life.

Solar-Quartz is a crystal that will radiate an energy that protects your aura and eliminates all kinds of unhealthy energies around you.

It will get rid of any distractions that are keeping you from fully achieving spiritual enlightenment.

The energy of Solar-Quartz will also make it possible for you to feel a feeling of wholeness and oneness, as well as complete and pure bliss!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Solar Quartz
solar quartz meaning

Cut from a cross-section of Stalactite, Solar Quartz can have incredible healing and energetic properties.

This crystal has the ability to purify the energies in your space, and it can charge low level energies to keep you safe and protected.

It’s a crystal that will resonate with the crown chakra and give you a closer communication with the divine.

Every Solar Quartz is unique, with its own personality, experiences, and lessons.

When you find yourself attracted to this particular crystal, it means that the energies of this crystal will help you with your personal awareness and growth.

This crystal will work subliminally in your awakened mind, and it will act like a beacon of light and positive energies.

When you feel like you’re just about ready to give up, think about this crystal and what it can do for you.

Solar Quartz will enhance your communication with all those around you, and this crystal will bring your sense of purpose in clear focus!

Solar Quartz contains an energy that will align its natural energies with the natural power of your mind.

This will help you find new horizons, new opportunities, and new capabilities.

It’s a fresh start crystal that will give you the courage to end something so that you can start on something new.

This crystal will give you the opportunity to change your current situation. It will influence your outlook in life, and it will invite exciting new prospects.

When you work with the energies of Solar Quartz on a regular basis, you will be able to transform yourself, the people you love, and the life that you live!

Written by Diana Houston

Crystal expert and author of 'A Beginner's Guide to Healing Crystals: Getting Started With Crystal Healing – A Complete Guide'

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