Alternate  Names and Spellings: Writer's Stone

Crystal Meanings Lore of Anthophyllite

Anthophyllite Example

Anthophyllite is a stone of releasing. It allows one to release things that are held onto that are causing problems or pain.  It facilitates this release by cleansing, and is also very cleansing for the aura and environment.

Anthophyllite is also excellent for writer’s block and creative writing. Keeping a piece of anthophyllite within your aura's area, in jewelry or a pocket can help release the flow of words in a gentle and powerful manner.

In folklore and crystal healing, Anthophyllite is used for the colon, lower digestive tract, and absorbing nutrients properly. Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Additionally, Anthophyllite contains asbestos, and should not be used for direct gem elixirs.


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