Learn about the crystal meanings and metaphysical and healing properties lore of biotite, a mica mineral group.

Crystal Meanings and Metaphysical Properties Lore of Biotite

Keywords: Clear Picture


Biotite is a group of minerals within the Mica group. It gets its name from French physicist J. B. Biot. It has its own distinctive properties as well as those of Mica in general. Biotite is well known for helping one rationally see how one is an active part of issues affecting one's life and environment. It assists in discarding irrelevant details and gives a clear picture of the issues. As such, it is used in crystal healing to diagnose disorders caused by disorganized cell patterns. It is also said to be used in crystal healing for eyes, to shrink growths, and bile regulation. Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. 


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