Which Way Is Your Hose Kinked?

One claim that I’ve heard put forth for the many methods of energy healing available today is that they feel different. Yes, they do. For that matter, Usui Reiki given to you today is likely to feel different than it will tomorrow. I’ve experienced that many times. The same goes for all of the other methods I’ve studied and/or experienced. Does this mean a different method, a better or worse one, is being used on any given day? I don’t believe so. How could that be, if the person doing the energy work is using the same methods, the same techniques, the same symbols each day?

Let’s take me as a Seichim practitioner, before I ever studied Reiki of any kind, as a hypothetical example.

One Monday, I’m tired from a long day, and don’t feel much like doing energy work, but I had promised a friend I would do a Seichim session for her. I get together with the friend, because I said I would, and channel Seichim to her for an hour, using the methods and symbols I was taught. She client tells me afterwards that she didn’t feel much, but she’s relaxed, and her injured elbow doesn’t hurt quite as much. I felt like hardly any energy had come through, my hands didn’t get very hot, and I didn’t get tingly feeling. That’s how the Seichim treatment felt to her and to me that day. We decide that we will do it again Saturday afternoon, as she wants another session.

On Saturday, I’m rested, refreshed and just got a telephone call with good news when my friend comes over for her Seichim session. I start sending Seichim to her and almost immediately notice that my hands are getting very hot, the energy seems to be flowing through me at a very rapid pace and I’m feeling tingly all over, a very different feeling than I’d had using the same methods and symbols just a few days earlier. My friend exclaims halfway through the hour, that she feels very floaty and tingly. By the end of the hour, she is giggly, says that that felt fantastic and was stronger than she’d ever felt. She also claims that not only does her elbow not hurt at all, but also her bad ankle from an old injury isn’t stiff like it usually is. Although I only, at that time, know one method of energy healing, have only had attunements for one type of healing, and use the same methods and symbols, the sensations and effect have changed dramaticly.

What’s the difference in that example? The people. Yes, they’re the same people, and less than a week hasn’t changed them that much. Their frames of mind and general state of being has, though.

The universal energy is itself. The channel it flows through and the condition of the client, though, can significantly impact the way it feels and how much or little effect it hast.

It’s like the energy is water, running through a hose, the practitioner. The water is water, no matter what kind of hose it goes through. The water coming from the faucet out the other end of the hose can be a light sprinkle, a fierce blast, or barely a trickle if the “hose” is all “kinked up.” The client could be seen as the ground the water falls on from the end of the hose. If the ground is dry, the water will soak in quickly and more will soak in. If it’s soggy already, the water will run off to lower ground or simply make a puddle on top of the ground.

Different methods of channeling universal energy can be likened to the way the hose is held. Holding a hose close to the ground will make the water bounce and splash over one area if the hose is unkinked and letting a force of water run through. Holding the hose high in the air will cause the water to fall in gentler patterns and fly farther across the ground instead of concentrating in one spot, even if the hose is untwisted to the same degree.

If the point is simply to get the water through the hose to the ground, ie, energy through the practitioner to the client, then the exact method is not critical in those terms. If one has other goals, such as having to do it a certain way, then the method would become important to the person with those goals, but the water would still reach the ground.

I think it’s more important to be a good hose, that will let as much water as possible flow through, so that the ground can get as much as it needs, than it is to worry about how the hose is held. So I advocate healing oneself, learning to discipline one’s state of mind. I also always recommend ethical behavior on the part of the energy channel, common sense, and following all local laws. I believe these things are more important, and more effective, than worrying over the “brand” of energy healing one chooses to use.

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