What Seichim Is To Me

Seichim is many things. This is what it is tome.

Seichim is... living light energy, universal life force energy.

Well so... then Seichim is or can be anything that lives. Seichim is and has been many things to me over the years I've been a Master/Teacher. Some of them have passed through my life like a gentle shower. Some have raged and stormed. Some have just been there in a comfortable way.

Since Seichim is universal, which implies that it is in everything, I have come to believe that Seichim is or can be anything depending on how we use the energy.If one wants it to be a way to get a lot of money, it can certainly be that. Look at some of the teachers around! If one wants it to be a religion, it can be used as a basis for spirituality. It can be a way to help out one's family much like tucking them in with a blanket or giving first aid. It can be a way to help someone heal his or herself from a calamitous illness. It can be a way to honor oneself and others. It can be turned into an educational system that dictates the way people must behave. It can be a gentle free-flowing way of helping people learn how to be themselves fully. It can be an amazing little tool kit to get better radio reception or to fix a broken gizmo on a car. It can bring one to one's knees by giving one more healing than they think they can handle. I've seen Seichim do all these things.

Knowing all this, then I see that Seichim is simply the infinite energy we can create our lives, or our dramas, with. It's helpful to me, though, to remember that whether it appears we're using the energy to create a drama or a life of value, that we all are doing the best we can at the time, and evolving and growing with the energy at our own rate. Maybe if nothing else, Seichim, to me, has been, and will continue to be, a teacher of non-judgement. It's still working on me. :)

Many Blessings,


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