What Crystal Should I Use?

QUESTION: What Crystals Should I Use?

This question is often couched in terms of X says I should use this stone but Y says I should use that crystal, which should I use?

MY ANSWER: Whichever feels right to you.

There appear to be a lot of people who feel that there is one right way to use a stone and one right stone to use for any particular purpose. That’s not the case. I’ve worked with crystals and stones for decades now and never found this to be true. If you read the better known crystal metaphysics authors such as Judy Hall or Melody, you’ll find that they don’t see this as true either, as they note multiple stones as having similar uses and energies.

A Simple Energy Clearing Method

It is true that certain crystals and stones tend to have energies that work well for certain things, or certain situations. Others tend to do better for other things and situations. As I mentioned in an earlier post, a hammer is probably easier to use to smack a nail into a board than a chunk of cement would be. So the hammer will usually be the better choice for hammering nails into a board, but there might be situations where the chunk of cement is the better choice for one reason or another.

Type of stone has something to do with it. Where it grew has something else. How it was harvested and who’s handled it along the way can affect it too. And the personality and energy of any individual stone are also important. There are many factors that affect how appropriate a particular crystal or stone is for any given situation.

How Do You Pick The Right Stones?

That’s why I continue to share what I’ve experienced to work with crystals and what I’ve heard works, but don’t say that my way, or any one way is the only way.

I believe that what feels right to you is the best way to go. While I could tell you “use this, do that, don’t mess with anything else” I don’t feel good about it, because it’s not the way things work. The crystal meanings and metaphysical lore of stones are guidelines, not absolutes.

Your Higher Self is the best guide as to which stone will work best for you for what you’re doing at any particular time.

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Amethyst Cluster Example
Amethyst Cluster Example

Original article by Robyn Harton, February 2013, based on my original article at CrystalsAndJewelry.com in 2006.

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