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  • vanadinite meaning

    Vanadinite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

    Vanadinite Properties Vanadinite belongs to the Apatite group and is part of the Pyromorphite and Mimetite series. It’s a lead chlorovanadate that can usually be found in the oxidation area of lead deposits in dry climates. Its deep and striking red color, as well as its high luster and attractive hexagonal prism crystals, make Vanadinite […] More

  • turquoise crystals meaning

    Turquoise Crystals: Meanings, Properties and Powers

    Turquoise Crystals Properties Turquoise Crystals have been used for thousands of years, most of which have been turned into jewelry. They have impressive metaphysical properties and very potent healing capabilities. The energies that these crystals possess will also help you communicate the truth. Turquoise Crystals are very strong crystals of spiritual attunement. They resonate with […] More

  • staurolite meaning

    Staurolite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

    Staurolite Properties Staurolite gemstones are unique, beautiful, and striking because they create the shape of a cross right within the stone. They’re also known as the Fairy Cross because they possess an energy that will help and guide you in communicating with beings in your environment and from the natural world. Staurolites are prismatic stones […] More

  • sphalerite meaning

    Sphalerite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

    Sphalerite Properties Sphalerite is a zinc ore, and its name pertains to the Greek word that means ‘treacherous’. This is because it looks a lot like Galena, only it does not contain lead, much to the disappointment of early miners. Sphalerite is a significant zinc ore which is usually found in hydrothermal veins. It can […] More

  • purple crystals meaning

    Purple Crystals: Meanings, Properties and Powers

    Purple Crystals Properties The spectrum of hues in Purple Crystals look passionate and exotic, and they symbolize so many things at any given situation. Purple Crystals signify magic, mystery, royalty, and good judgment. They define a feeling of calm or a feeling of energy. The energies of Purple Crystals have the ability to get rid […] More

  • pink crystals meaning

    Pink Crystals: Meanings, Properties and Powers

    Pink Crystals Properties Pink Crystals are very beautiful. They make lovely jewelry pieces, which make them such a huge favorite among collectors and crystal fans. The appeal lies in the crystal’s color. Pink Crystals have a very feminine color and exude a soft and gentle energy. Their radiance comes from the lovely mixture of red […] More

  • orange crystals meaning

    Orange Crystals: Meanings, Properties and Powers

    Orange Crystals Properties Orange Crystals contain the fiery energies of red, only gentler and more creative on a spirit level. They are used to encourage you to use your personal power, which make them very beneficial to people who can use a little more self-confidence and self-esteem. When you carry, wear, or place them in […] More

  • magnesite meaning

    Magnesite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

    Magnesite Properties Magnesite is made up of magnesium carbonate. Although it’s usually white in color, it also comes in different colors, like grey, brown, yellow, and even pink, depending on which minerals were mixed in. When there’s a higher level of iron in Magnesite, the result will be a more yellowish or brownish stone. Because […] More

  • indigo crystals meaning

    Indigo Crystals: Meanings, Properties and Powers

    Indigo Crystals Properties Indigo Crystals symbolize the tranquil spirit. They exhibit the color of contemplation. They are thinking crystals that are known to be quiet and discriminating. When it comes to Indigo Crystals, still waters run deep. They are crystals with a purpose. Indigo Crystals value sincerity, honor, and integrity. They have a poised and […] More

  • goethite meaning

    Goethite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

    Goethite Properties Goethite is usually red, orange, yellow, brown, or black-brown in color. It occurs in prismatic crystals, but the more common ones are usually massive opaque stones and exhibit radial shapes in the stone. This stone is named after renowned naturalist, philosopher, mathematician, and poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Goethite deposits can be found […] More

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