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This is an article I published in my most recent newsletter about the value of crystals.

As I said above {in my newsletter}, I had a great time at the crystal show I went to the other day. One thing that was less fun was listening to some of the vendors.

For instance, “There’s no such thing as a pink stone until you get to pink tourmaline, which is a more expensive stone. Then there’s pink sapphire, which is even more expensive.” said one vendor. He went on to say, “Well, there’s rose quartz, but nobody wants that. It’s crap.”

Hold it there a minute. Rose Quartz is not crap, even if a vendor wants to sell more expensive pink tourmaline or pink sapphire. High quality rose quartz — like some of that coming out of Madascar the last few years  — is astonishingly beautiful. Pink tourmaline is not more expensive than rose quartz because it’s inherently better. It’s more expensive because it’s less common geologically than rose quartz. That’s a matter of mining and cutting it, a money matter, not a intrinsic value matter. And energetically speaking, rose quartz is just as good, if not better for some things. I like both. They have somewhat differing energies, but that’s the beauty of the crystal world.

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Don’t let crystal or jewelry vendors bowl you over with their marketing. I try very hard not to bs about it. If I say I love a stone or that I think it has great energy, that’s the case in my best judgment. All stones and crystals are valuable in their own way. Some may be more classically beautiful, others more powerful in an energetic sense. Some are just rare or rare to find cut in a particular shape. Don’t let anyone, vendors or otherwise, tell you that a type stone or even a particular crystal is crap and of no value. Judge for yourself what has the most value to you at the moment. 

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Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz


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