Stones for Getting Over Feeling Spacey

QUESTION: Lately, I have been very ungrounded when I wake up either in the morning or at 2:00 in the morning. Are there any stones, crystals or combinations that could help be less groggy and/or less spacey when I wake up in the morning?

MY ANSWER: Hematite and pyrite are my favorite grounding stones. Holding one in each hand when you wake up can help you be less groggy and/or spacey. 

Additional grounding stones are agate, apache tears, bloodstone, boji stones (Kansas pop rocks), brecciated jasper, candle quartz, carnelian, cuprite, dalmatian jasper, fluorite, garnet, obsidian, salt, smoky quartz, sulphur, tiger iron (mugglestone), topaz, unakite, and all root chakra stones.


Originally posted at August, 2004, Updated January, 2013

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