Stone Names

Most stones used in crystal healing and metaphysics have a variety of names.  This gets confusing sometimes though. Trade names, that are descriptive or interesting get used.  Sometimes these trade names are descriptive of the stone or the energy or purpose of the stone. Unfortunately, other these trade names are simply misleading. So we need to sort it out to see what we’re doing.

Herkimer “Diamond” is not a diamond. It is a type of Quartz from Herkimer County, New York. Example photo.

Here are some trade names and misnomers that I’ve found information about and can share with you.  Hopefully this will help you sort out what type of stone you’re working with.

Updated 2/11/15

African emerald – Namibian green fluorite
African Jade – massive green grossular garnet
Alaska Black Diamond – hematite
Alexandrine – color change lab imitation alexandrite (lab corundum usually)
Alexandrite Garnet – color-change garnet
Almandine Ruby – almandine garnet
Almandine Spinel – lab-grown spinel
Amazon jade – amazonite
Amegreen – amethyst and prasiolite
American ruby – almandine garnet, or rose quartz
Ancona ruby – rose quartz
Antilles Pearl – mother-of-pearl shell
Aqua gem – light blue synthetic spinel
Aqualite – blue tourmaline
Arabian magic diamond – lab-grown colorless or yellow corundum
Arizona ruby – pyrope garnet from Arizona
Arizona spinel – garnet
Arkansas diamond – usually quartz from Arkansas, though occasionally can be actual diamond
Atlas pearls – white satin spar calcite
Aura quartz (aqua aura, angel aura, titanium flame aura and others) – Quartz treated with permanently bonded metals such as gold, silver, titanium
Australian jade/turquoise – a material found in Australia, probably variscite
Australian ruby – garnet
Balas ruby – red spinel (traditional, though incorrect name for red spinel, dates to Middle Ages)
Bastard emerald – peridot, green quartz, or nearly any green stone
Bengal amthyst – purple sapphire
Berilo – green apatite
Biron emerald – synthetic emerald
Black amber – jet
(Alaska) Black diamond – Hematite; or real diamond with numerous black inclusions
Black Hills ruby – garnet
Black Labradorite – larvikite
Black Moonstone – larvikite
Blue alexandrite – color-change sapphire
Blue malachite – azurite
Blue moonstone – blue-stained chalcedony
Blue obsidian – (most) manmade glass
Blue talc – kyanite
Bohemian crystal – moldavite
Bohemian diamond – quartz
Bohemian emerald – green fluorite
Bohemian garnet – pyrope garnet (primarily from the Czech Republic)
Bohemian ruby – red garnets
Bohemian topaz – citrine
Bottlestone – moldavite cut gems
Bristol diamond – quartz
Broghton emerald – green glass
Burma sapphire – lab-grown blue corundum
Buxton diamond – quartz
California jade – californite
California moonstone – chalcedony
California ruby – pyrope garnet
Canadian lapis – sodalite
Cape amethyst – light colored amethyst or banded/chevron amethyst
Cape emerald – prehnite
Cape May diamond – quartz
Cape ruby – pyrope garnet
Carbuncle – garnet usually, or other red gem stone
Carthaginian Carbuncle – garnet
Ceylon diamond – colorless zircon
Ceylon opal – moonstone
Ceylon peridot – yellowish-green tourmaline
Champlain marble – massive dolomite from Vermont
Chinese charoite – fluorite
Chinese turquoise – can be any number of things including calcite/quartz/blue-dyed-soapstone
Chrome Garnet – uvarovite
Cinnamon stone – hessonite 
Colorado diamond – smoky quartz
Colorado jade – green microcline feldsapr
Colorado ruby – pyrope garnet
Colorado topaz – citrine
Congo emerald – dioptase
Congo ivory – ivory simulant made in South Africa
Connemara marble – dark green to gray serpentinite
Copper emerald – dioptase
Copper lapis – azurite
Copper malachite – chrysocolla
Cornish diamond – quartz
Crab fire agate – carnelian (probably enhanced)
Crystalline emerald – quartz
CZ Diamond – cubic zirconia
Dauphin diamond – quartz
Desert amethyst – solarized glass
Diamond – There are many misleading trade names given to diamond imitators, such as: Diagem, Diakon, Dialite, Diamanite, Diamite, Diamogem, Diamonair, Diamonaura, Diamon-brite, Diamone, Diamonesque, Diamonette, Diamonflame, Diamonique I II and III, Diamonite, Diamonte, Diamontina, Diamondite, Diamothyst, Diarita, Di’Yag, Djevalite, 
Delta pearl = imitation pearl
Earth stone – amber or andalusite
Electric emerald – green glass imitation
Elie ruby – pyrope garnet
Emeraldite – green tourmaline
Emerald of the Urals – demantoid garnet
Emerald malachite – green fluorspar
Emeralite – green tourmaline
Endura emerald – green glass emerald simulant
Evening emerald – peridot
Faience lapis – ceramic
Fashoda ruby – iron-rich pyrope garnet
Ferrer’s emerald – green glass emerald simulant
Fictile ivory – plaster-of-paris imitation of an ivory carving
Fire jade – looks like tiger’s eye, mainly opal
Fire pearl – billitonite
Finder’s diamond – colorless topaz
Flower sugilite – lepidolite
Fossil turquoise – odontolite
Fukien jade – soapstone
Gaia Stone – manmade green glass possible made from Mt. St. Helen’s ash
Garnet jade – massive green grossular garnet
Geneva ruby – laboratory created ruby
German diamond – quartz
German gold – amber
German lapis – see Swiss lapis, sodalite, or jasper
German silver – a white metal alloy of nickel, copper, and zinc
Gibsonville emerald – green quartz
Gilson emerald – synthetic emerald
Glass agate – obsidian
Gold sapphire – lapis with flecks of pyrite
Gooseberry – grossular garnet
Grape Garnet – purplish red garnet
Hawaiian Diamonds – quartz
Hawaiite – peridot from Hawaii
Heinekenite – false green moldavite
Herkimer diamond – quartz from Herkimer County, New York is the original and increasingly similar looking quartz from other places
Hinjosa topaz – yellow quartz
Honan jade – soapstone
Hope sapphire – synth blue spinel
Honan jade, Hunan jade – soapstone
Horatio diamond – quartz
Hot Springs diamond – quartz
Hyacinth topaz – hyacinth (zircon)
Iceland agate – obsidian
Indian emerald – dyed green quartz or chalcedony
Indian jade – aventurine
Indian topaz – yellow sapphire
Iolite – gemmy cordierite
Irish diamond – quartz
Italian lapis – blue dyed chalcedony or jasper
Isle of Wight diamonds = quartz
Jade tenace – saussarite
Jadine – Australian chrysoprase
Jasper jade – green jasper or serpentine
Jeweler’s topaz – citrine
Jourado diamond – colorless synthetic spinel
Kandy spinel – reddish-violet garnet from Sri Lanka
Killiecrankie diamond – colorless topaz from Australia
Kimberly emerald – synthetic emerald
King topaz – yellow sapphire
Korea jade – loose term for nearly any green stone and/or impure jade
La beau pearls – imitation pearl
La tausca pearls – imitations
Lake George diamond – quartz
Lake Superior fire agate – glass opal simulant
Lennox emerald – synthetic emerald
Lilac Stone – lepidolite
Lithia amethyst – spodumene, variety kunzite
Lithia emerald – spodumene, variety hiddenite
Lux sapphire – cordierite (iolite)
Lynz sapphire – cordierite (iolite)
Madeira topaz – citrine
Malaia or Malaya Garnet – umbalite garnet
Manchurian jade – soapstone
Mari  diamond – quartz
Matura diamond – colorless zircon
Medina emerald – green glass
Meru sapphire – blue zoisite
Meta-jade – Japanese glass jade simulant
Mexican agate/jade/onyx – massive/banded calcite
Mexican diamond – quartz or danburite
Mogok diamond – colorless Burmese topaz
Mojave moonstone – lilac-tinted chalcedony from Mojave Desert area
Montana jet – obsidian, from Yellowstone Park
Montana ruby – red garnet
Mother-of-emerald –  green fluorite
Mount St. Helen’s emerald – green glass
Mountain ruby – red garnet
Mutzschen diamond – quartz
Nerchinsk aquamarine – blue topaz
Nevada black diamond – obsidian
Nevada lapis – a form of chalcedony (not from Nevada, either)
Nevada topaz – smoky obsidian
Nevada turquoise – variscite or sometimes real turquoise
New jade – serpentine (or sometimes bowenite)
Night emerald – peridot
Nickel silver – nickel, copper, zinc alloy of silver
Occidental cat’s eye – quartz
Occidental diamond – quartz
Occidental topaz – citrine
Oil pearl – mother-of-pearl from a sea snail
Olivene – demantoid garnet aka Olivine
Opal glass – glass imitator of other stones, but not opal
Orange topaz – brownish-yellow quartz
Oregon jade – dark green plasma variety of chalcedony, jasper
Oregon moonstone – chalcedony
Oriental emerald – green sapphire
Oriental garnet – almandine
Palmyra topaz – pale yellow heat-treated amethyst/citrine
Paphros diamond – quartz
Pecos diamond – quartz
Pectolite jade – pectolite
Pedrara onyx – stalagmitic marble from Mexico
Pink moonstone – opalescent pink scapolite
Pomegranate ruby – red spinel
Praetorianite – massive grossular green garnet aka Transvaal jade

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