Silicon Metaphysical Properties

QUESTION: “We found a small shop that had stones and crystals and we found a nice-sized piece of something called “silicon”. It was simply beautiful so we bought it. We happily carted it home and I proceeded to look it up in all my crystal books…. but it wasn’t listed anywhere. Then I went to the Web and wasn’t satisfied with what I read. So……. Can you enlighten us as to silicon???? What are the metaphysical properties associated with this stone/mineral? Does it have any?”

MY ANSWER: Isn’t silicon gorgeous??? I love it myself. I’s purified and “man-made”. It’s the same stuff that bits of your computer chips are made from, and one of the two elements that make up quartz. I think everything that exists has some sort of metaphysical properties, because everything has energy or it wouldn’t exist, and it’s the energy that gives it the properties.  Silicon does indeed have metaphysical properties including enhanced communication, agility of thought, and grace.. You can learn more about it at the silicon page.

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Originally posted at September, 2004. Updated January, 203.


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