Sacred Space

Sacred Space Box for making a sacred space whereever I am. 
Sacred Space Box for making a sacred space whereever I am. 

Having a sacred space to work in helps get the most out of your meditation, rituals, prayer, energy work, and any spiritual or metaphysical practices. It helps you get in the right frame of mind and set your intention.

You do not have to be of any particular religion to have a sacred space. People of varying beliefs may have items ranging as widely as a picture of Jesus, a statue of the Buddha, crystals, a smudge pot, or other items that are meaningful.

Ideally a sacred space is an room that you can dedicate permanently to your spiritual and metaphysical practices. Since things seldom are ideal, there are other ways to do it. You can use a corner of a room, or even a chair.

Sacred space can also be something set up when  you are ready to use it. For instance, I have a Sacred Space Box with crystals, statuettes, cards and writings  that I use for making a sacred space where ever I am at the time. You could also use your favorite chair by covering it with a cloth you save for sacred use. Wear jewelry that represents spirituality to you. Be creative. A way to signal your inner self that it is time for sacred work is the important part.

Things you need for a sacred space:

  • A space.
  • A focal point or altar
  • Seat, or place to stand
  • Intent

* A Space – You may prefer some place quiet and private. If you have the room, you can dedicate a room or a corner for your sacred space. If not, you can make your sacred space movable so you can set it up and take it down. The box shown above has things I can carry anywhere to create a sacred space for myself any time.

*Focal Point or Altar – This can be an image of a religious or mystical figure such as Jesus, Buddah, Ganesha, or something inspiring like a rainbow. It can also be a surface where you have mystical items like statutes, crystals and representations of the Elements.

* Seat or place to stand – Your sacred space has to have some place for you. A comfortable chair will work or a kneeling cushion, or a place to stand, whichever you’re most comfortable with using.

*Intent – This is the crux of the sacred space. Set your intention that this space, for the duration you are using it, is sacred space for the highest and best good of all concerned.

Use your sacred space regularly for your meditations, prayer, rituals or other spiritual practices. The more often you use it, the easier you will find it to get in the right mindset for your rituals.