Ruby Aura

Ruby Aura Quartz Pendant
Ruby Aura Quartz Pendant

Alternate Names or Spellings: Ruby Aura Quartz

Ruby Aura is quartz that is treated by permanently bonding platinum or gold and platinum to the surface of quartz crystal in an alchemical mix of extreme heat and pressure.

Crystal healing and metaphysical lore of Ruby Aura is as follows. Ruby aura is a stone of passion and vitality. It is also very protective, especially so in times of upheaval and turmoil, and against aggression and violence. It is helpful for overcoming survival issues of all kinds and cleansing the base or root chakra.

Physically, in crystal healing and traditional folklore, ruby aura is used in healing the back, feet, hips spine, and legs.  Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.