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Here’s a question from my article on rose quartz:

QUESTION: “I have this rose quartz in the form of night lamp.When this quartz is on the floor, it produces liquid, but when I put this in my bed room which is in the second floor, it is dry.May I ask you, why is it like that?The liquid is a crystalize liquid.Could you please explain it to me? It is a great joy for me to find your explanation,because I’ve been asking about this quartz. I don’t even know the name.I find this by accident, the former tenant left it in my apartment.”

MY ANSWER: “My first thought is that it might not be rose quartz at all, but it instead might be a Himalayan Salt Lamp. Salt Lamps in damper areas do “weep” or “leak” liquid. When I lived in Florida, I had one that did it constantly to the point I had to keep a pan under it. Himalayan Salt Lamps can look rosy or peach colored. A simple test is to carefully clean off a small area to remove any chemicals it may have come in contact with and lick it once. If it’s salty tasting, it’s a salt lamp. If it’s actual rose quartz, I can’t say why it might be doing that. I’ve not heard of it before. Good luck with it, and many blessings!”

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Have you had any experiences like this? Either way?


Rose Quartz Example
Rose Quartz Example
Himalayan Pink Salt aka Halite Example
Himalayan Pink Salt aka Halite Example

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