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There are dozens if not hundreds of schools or methods of Reiki and Seichim. Many of these schools believe they know the one true method. I disagree. Over the 15+ years I’ve worked with both, I continue to find that the Spirit and the Life Energy are the important parts, not how we dress it up with particular rituals, hand positions, or symbols.

I believe that each method has its best aspects and uses, as well as its least best.  Please choose whichever school or method sits best in your Heart and Spirit and use that. It’s not beneficial to anyone to put down the methods and schools that others may choose. Please respect all. Spirit will guide us all in our own best paths.

Here are articles on Reiki and Seichim as I have been taught them and use them.

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Reiki, Seichim and Karuna Reiki® are the others, and are based on the same principles, but with slightly different traditions and methods. I’ve been a Seichim Master/Teacher since 1994, Usui and Contemporary Reiki Master/Teacher since 1996 and a Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher since March 1998. My lineages are available for those of you who are curious.

At this time I use Reiki personally but am not teaching so I can put my energy into my writing and art which is my best path as I can see it at this time. I have, however, put together some materials on energy healing over the past few years that I’ll share with you. I will also answer emailed questions in my news blog as time permits.

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