Reiki and Crystal Layouts

QUESTION: “Can you write something about Reiki on your weekly newsletter? Like, for me I am not sure how they connected. How is a Reiki and crystal layout done? How do you put the stones around yourself?”

MY ANSWER: What a topic! I can’t go over all the possibilities here or I’ll be writing and you’ll be reading for aeons. As I’m sure you know, Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. A Reiki layout with crystals can be as simple or as complex as you feel moved to make.

Many traditional crystal layouts for Reiki are done by choosing cleared crystals or stones that are used to help with general healing or the issues at hand. It can be as done by placing 4 or 6 of crystals around the body of the healee.

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To focus energy in to the healee, point them in towards the body. To bring out disease or negative energy, point them away from the body. Once the stones are placed, simply proceed with the Reiki treatment as usual. This can be done on others or yourself.

An extremely simple form of using Reiki and crystals is to simply place any stone or stones on the healee or have them hold the crystals in their hands, while receiving a Reiki treatment. For more ideas, see my article on Reiki Crystal Baths.

Originally posted on in July, 2005. Updated January, 2013.

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