Crystals for Releasing Affirmation

QUESTION: “I found the following affirmation.

‘I have chosen this physical body for a reason. I acknowledge that I exist beyond the limitations of my physical body. If there is any karma or karmic terns stored in my body or in any part of me, I request guidance in releasing these patterns and for any change of consciousness that is required for healing and manifesting my life to complete my soul’s purpose in this lifetime.’ Then it says, ‘So be it,’ is the last line.

What would be a good crystal or rock to hold for the affirmation to help release?”

MY ANSWER: I’d choose any of the obsidians or natural pumice stone. Ajoite, anthophyllite and salt would be excellent choices as well. They’re all good at drawing out and releasing energies. It is a neat affirmation! September 25, 2004


Originally posted at September, 2004. Updated January, 2013.

Ajoite in Quartz Ajoite in Quartz

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