My Thoughts On Protection

Here's what I tend to think about protection magick.

Do the protection spells, charms, and and crystals have their own power and energy to protect? 

I tend to believe so. I've seen some amazing things happen when protection magic is done.

The biggest benefit that most can agree on that I've personally found to protection magic is that doing the rituals, carrying the stones for protection, etc. has a huge effect on the person doing it or that it is done for. It's calming and safe feeling to have a sense that you are protected. This boosts the person's innate psychic protection psychologically if nothing else, and shields them from negativity. This can hardly be a bad thing, in my opinion.

Could I possibly be fooling myself? Of course I could. I could be fooling myself or I could be mistaken. I'm only human like anyone else.

Take what works for you and nevermind the rest for now.

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