What Does It Mean If A Crystal Makes You Nauseated?

QUESTION: What does it mean if everytime you are near these crystals they make you nauseated?

MY ANSWER: This question was asked on my Enhydro Crystal page, but the answer applies to any kind of crystal. 

There are a number of reasons you could feel nauseous or feel unwell in some way around a type of crystal, or even a particular crystal. They all have to do with how your personal energy in some way interacts with the crystal energy.

One reason some highly sensitive people feel nauseous around certain crystals, or types of crystals, is extremely high frequency or powerful crystal energy. For some, various crystal vibrations  may be too intense and they can become nauseous or light headed or get a headache. 

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Another reason can be personal issues or needful lessons being triggered by the crystals’ vibrations. Personal issues and lessons can be related to incidents or lessons needed in this life, or in a past life. Feeling nauseous could mean that the crystals haveenergy that is working on an issue or problem, whether we are conscious of it or not. In this sense, while it may be uncomfortable, it is actually a positive thing.

Crystals that need to be cleared and are “dirty” energetically can create negative sensations in sensitive people. If the crystals in question come from the same mining area where there are negative vibrations, it may seem that all crystals of a type have this problem, when in fact it is only ones from that area. This can be the case even if you encounter the crystals many miles apart as crystals from a same mine shipment may go all over the country or even the world. Of course a particular crystal may pick up unwanted energies from a myriad of things and be unpleasant or difficult to work with until they are cleared.

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Sometimes we develop an unpleasant association emotionally with a crystal or type of crystal. For instance, if the first time you encounter a crystal or crystal type, you get word of a friend’s death, you might unconsciously associate the negative emotional energy with the crystals. A negative emotional association can cause many effects, including nausea, tension, and more.

Occasionally, a negative reaction to crystals may appear to be the crystals themselves, but it is actually related to something in the environment. For instance, if you only see that type of crystal in a certain rock shop, it may be the energy of the rock shop clashing with that crystal energy.  The same can happen when encountering crystals in someone’s home or other environment.

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Rarely, nausea from crystals can be cause by a medical factor such as radiation absorbed by the crystal. This could easily be the case with stones like uranium or stones from irradiated areas like those around Chernobyl. 

Whether you have an unpleasant reaction to a type of crystal or a particular crystal, finding a way to deal with it can ameliorate the unpleasantness. Meditating on the problem can help clear it up. Asking for assistance from the Divine, your Higher Self, or Spirit Guides can assist in determine its root cause and possible ways to deal with it. You could work with a crystal healer or psychic to help. A very down to earth solution, which can be the most practical at times, is to avoid those crystals altogether. However you choose to do it, dealing with the unpleasant energy can teach you or make you feel better.

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