Lab Created Stones Healing Effects?

QUESTION: “Do lab created gemstones have same healing effects as the natural gemstones?”

MY ANSWER: The short answer is: In some cases. The longer answer obviously must be a little more complex.

First, a little info on lab created stones and their real and simulated counterparts. There are 3 basic types of gemstones in this sense: Real/Natural, Lab Created, and Simulated.

Real/Natural – These are the ones that grow in the ground, “manufactured” by nature. They may enhanced with various treatments to make them more appealing, retain their stability, or have deeper coloring, etc.

Lab Created – These are gemstones that are grown in the lab using the same chemical composition as the real/natural stones by simulating the heat and high pressure that grows the stones in nature. They are identical to real gemstones as far as color, hardness, composition, luster. Lab created stones, though, often do not have inclusions, the way natural stones do, which can make them look “unreal” sometimes. Modern creation techniques are making lab stones that look more real to the naked eye in the last five plus years.

Simulated – These are gemstones that similate a real stone. They are made to look like the stone they simulate, but they seldom have the same composition and hardness, and may differ in other ways as well.

Real/Natural stones have similar energy, as in crystal healing, when they’re the same types of stones. Within each type of stone there are variations in each individual stone. This is the same in the way that no two humans, snowflakes, cats, or anything else are precisely alike, even within the same type of being. Crystal healing lore and properties are generalizations based on the traditions that a stone has been used for in healing, as well as the energies of the type of stone. For instance, citrine is said to bring success — that’s a generalization because most natural citrines are seen to have these energies. It’s also possible, though, to encounter a natural citrine, though, that has greater energies of diminishing mood swings, another energy of citrine, than success energies, even to the point it may seem to have hardly any success energies at all.

Lab created stones in my experience have greater variations within type of stone. I have encountered lab created stones with great energy, some appearing to me to have the same energy as the natural version of that stone. I have also encountered ones that felt dead as doornails or that seemed to have totally different energy than a natural stone of the same type. My personal experience and thought on it is that lab created stones have to be judged individually and don’t generalize as well for crystal healing energies.

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Simulants, the third type of stone are ones that I’ve found pretty consistent. They almost never have the same energies as the real/natural stone they mimic. One reason for this may be that different types of stones are used to mimic other types. For instance, purple cubic zirconia is often used to mimic amethyst, which is only mimics in coloring but not in composition or anything else. The only way I would use simulants in healing is for color energy healing, not for crystal healing per se

Please keep in mind that this is my experience and viewpoint on crystal healing energies. Many healers categorically exclude lab created stones and simulants from the idea of having healing energies.

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Chalcanthite is a stone that is commonly lab grown.

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