How to Prounce Reiki and Seichim

Almost everyone in the West who learns of Reiki and Seichim ask the same question: How do you pronounce those words? Which way is right?

For enquiring minds, here you go!

Reiki is prounounced RAY-kee with the accent on the RAY part. I’ve never heard any other pronunciation, so that must be it. 🙂

Seichim is more difficult because it’s pronounced several different ways.  I’ll give you the ones I know of:

seh-KEEM – T’om Seaman who is generally credited with developing Seichim uses this one, so I suppose it’s probably the most correct.
say-CHEEM – the way I was taught.

In the end, though, it’s the energy that matters, not how you say it. Thank goodness!