House Energy Protection

QUESTION: “I have been wanting to find some crystals to put at the four courners of my daughters lot. She just bought the house and I wanted to secure the energy for her. She has anxiety, and is realy very sencitive…Do you think the witches fingers are good?”

MY ANSWER: It’s funny, but as I was reading along I immediately thought of the witches fingers before I even got to the question about it. So, yes, I think witches fingers would be good. I also use clear quartz, schorl and salt, along with white sage at the four corners of a property, for protection and keeping the area clear energetically. Just don’t use too much salt in one spot, as it can poison the land if you do. I just take a pinch and place it at each corner. Even without the witches fingers, I’ve found the quartz, schorl and salt to be a good combination.

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Another thing I do is ask the trees, bushes, grass, rocks, or whatever it is that surrounds the house to help with the protective energy. I’ve been known to do it by walking about in the yard and asking out loud, or sitting nearby and doing it in prayer or meditation. Either way seems to do just as well.

Schorl aka Black Tourmaline
Schorl aka Black Tourmaline

Originally posted at August, 2004, updated January, 2013

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