Fulgurites are natural glass, usually tubular, formed by lightning strikes in sand or rock. Fulgurites are high energy formations due to the nature of their creation. They are particularly noted for their ability to channel and direct energy.

Fulgurites have been used to communicate with aliens and entities, or ascended beings in the spirit world. They are often used for clairaudience. Fulgurites are also used to enhance communication in the physical world, and are used as stones of leadership.

Fulgurites are used by Native Americans to bring rain (cloud-busting), and as charms for protection from lightning. Weather-changing of any sort is not recommended, however, unless, as with the Native Americans, one have an exceptionally good sense of the balance of Nature.

Physically, fulgurites are used in crystal healing and folklore in treatment of the immune system, ear, nose, and throat ailments, sight, thymus, tumors, growths, and colon. Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. 

A personal experience with Fulgurites

One year when I was working in Tucson with Larry Hargrave, he had gotten in a large shipment of several hundred fulgurites. My task was to sort them by size and color. So one by one I sorted out a couple hundred fulgurites and was moving on to sort the rest. Then came a wind that blew up the side of the display tent and every one of those fulgurites went flying into a chaotic mix. What a reminder that nature can do what it wants with our plans!

Florida Fulgurites Example
Florida Fulgurites Example



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