Original Photo ©Robyn Harton 2016 to present Original Photo ©Robyn Harton 2016 to present

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (@robynharton) have seen this image. But I had to show it off here, and make a note.

Fordite is amazing with its swirls, curls, and eyes, and you can find it–when you can find it at all–in a wide range of colors. It’s lightweight, cuts readily into lovely cabochons for jewelry. It is not, however, a stone. Not even a conglomerate. It’s paint. Yes, paint. Fordite and its relatives are scrapings off the walls of the old painting areas of cars which are then cut into cabochon and other shapes. Thus the name Fordite or similar car related names. Just don’t someone try to tell you  it’s a stone.

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Even though it’s not a stone, Fordite has colors, and thus color energies. For instance, the predominating color in this is a light yellow, with green and pink following. So those color energies would be at work.

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