Faden Crystal

Configuration: Faden (FAH-den) Crystals have an inclusion of one or more white fibrous “threads” surrounded by fluid or gaseous chambers where  they were most likely injured and re-healed. Faden crystals are most often tabby crystals and can be considered a type of re-healer crystal. “Faden” is German for fiber.

Keywords: Expand Consciousness, Connections

Spiritual Lore:

Faden crystals are crystals for connections and expanded consciousness. This could be connections of any type including attunement between one and another, spiritual connections, relationships connections, and even internal connections. The expanded consciousness relates to higher planes of existence, attuning to Earth movements, and others.

Faden crystals are used to heal the etheric body. They are used to remove or repair energy leaks and holes in the aura and chakras. They can also be used to remove the attachments or cords from others, helping with possibly extreme emotional difficulty

Fadens are used often for astral travel or other alternate dimensions as they allow you to remain connected to this plane safely while travelling others. They are also helpful for learning about past lives and traveling to see them.

Faden crystals are easily programmable, and will go a long time without needing to be recharged.

Emotional and Mental Lore:

As Faden crystals are connection crystals, they are excellent for healing relationships. They are also especially good with reducing or eliminating family stress, or the stress in other groups. Faden crystals are also good for internal emotional and mental connections, especially those concerned with inner conflict. They are also very helpful in coping with painful experiences or memories.

Physical Lore:

Fadens are used in crystal healing lore for increased physical, mental, and emotional healing and stability. They are also used for broken bones, muscle tears, severed nerves, after surgery, boils, acne, back pain, cysts, psoriasis, and to increase self-healing power. Faden crystals are said to be exceptional for helping heal the healer from overwork or picking up others’ dis-ease when doing healing work. Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. 


Faden crystals can work with all chakras and improve the connections between chakras.

Rock Lore and Tidbits:

Faden is a formation of a crystal. It is not a separate species of mineral. It is most often seen in quartz but can be a formation of any crystal. Faden formation crystals would have both the energy of the formation and that of the type of crystal.

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