Energy Leaks and Crystals

Aqua Aura is one crystal that can be used to repair energy leaks.
Aqua Aura is one crystal that can be used to repair energy leaks.

Energy leaks are places in the aura or chakras where energy is “leaking” out.  This can lead us to feeling drained, feeling scattered, dis-ease, or noticeable imbalance of the aura and chakras. Energy leaks can also be places where “energy vampires” who are negative people who feed off others’ energy, can access our energy. 

I’ve been asked about energy leaks and crystals several times lately. Crystals are definitely one way we can prevent or repair energy leaks. 

The best thing to do is avoid energy leaks when and where possible. Some crystals that are used to avoid and prevent energy leaks are: 

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The best way to access their energy to prevent energy leaks is to wear or carry one of them. You can also sleep with one of them under your bed or place them in your environment whether at home or the office.

Sometimes an energy leak is not avoidable for one reason or another.  There are crystals for reparing energy leaks too!

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Methods of using crystals to repair energy leaks include laying on of stones, wearing in jewelry, carrying them, placing them under your bed, ritual, crystals grids, placing them in your environment.

Energy leaks may sound dismal, but they can be managed with crystals, as well as, of course, other methods.

Labradorite can be used to prevent energy links.
Labradorite can be used to prevent energy links.

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