Dichroic Glass

Dichoric glass was originally created for the
space and laser industries, and was developed extensively
by NASA. The word dichroic means “two
colors” because of the two or more colors that the
glass reflects and transmits. Dichroic glass is
said by some to have no metaphysical properties. However, as everything has an energy vibration of some
sort, which is what gives a material its metaphysical properties.
Additionally, the glass is made with metallic oxides which
would bring their properties to it. Intuition says
that dichroic glass can be helpful for
seeing past
bringing child-like joy into your life, and meditation. It can certainly be used effectively as a
focal point in meditation by staring into the layers of color
of the glass.

Dichroic Glass Cabochon
Dichroic Glass Cabochon

Gold Filled

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