How To Dedicate Crystals and Stones

Dedicating a crystal or stone is dedicating and preparing it to work in ritual magick or energy work with you. Crystals that agree to work with you do so more cheerfully feeling, and better.

Before dedicating a crystal, clear any unwanted energies from the crystal. Then in your sacred space, ground and stabilize yourself.

To dedicate your crystal

  1. Ask with clear focus and intent if the crystal is willing to work with you.
  2. If you get a positive sense – if it feels good – continue with the ritual.
    If you do not get a positive sense, clear unwanted energies from the crystal and ask again, up to 3 times. If you still do not get a positive sense, the crystal may not be ready to work, your energy may be out of balance for the ritual, or the crystal may be stopping with you briefly on its way to a new home. In this case, thank the crystal for its presence and set it aside to try again later.
  3. The ritual continues by holding the crystal gently and sound a meditative sound towards it.
    Prayer Bells, Meditation Gong, or Chanting OM three times all work as meditative sounds.
  4. Dedicate the crystal with a statement of dedication three times
    “This crystal is dedicated to the best and highest good of all concerned in all its works. So be it.” is a good statement of dedication to use, though you certainly can make up your own.
  5. Thank the crystal, and you are ready to go to work together.