Dalmatian Jasper

Alternate Names or Spellings: Dalmation Jasper, Dalmatine, Dalmatian Stone

With its natural dots reminiscent of the dog's coat, it's easy to see where Dalmatian Jasper gets its name. Dalmatian jasper is a stone that lessens or removes disillusionment. It helps one to see their strengths and weaknesses, and encourages grounding both with the Earth and in reality. Dalmatian Jasper increases loyalty and is beneficial for long term relationships. It brings a sense of fun to one's life. Physically it is said by crystal healers to help purify the blood. It is a stone of protection from nightmares, depression, and negative thinking. It is also said to be particularly beneficial for healing people who have trouble relaxing and having fun. Note: Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information. 

On my news blog, Ellen commented: "Dalmatian jasper is an intriguing stone with many benefits, including detoxification, grounding and depression relief." 

Also see Jasper for additional meanings common to all types of Jasper.

Dalmatian Jasper

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