Crystals To Help With Insomnia

Pink Dolomite is my favorite stone for insomnia.
Pink Dolomite is my favorite stone for insomnia.

QUESTION: My boyfriend wakes up several times in the night. I put an amethyst geode on his night stand and a smokey Quartz cluster and a Quartz twin point also. Is there anything else I should do? Or is there a better solution?

MY ANSWER: As far as crystals go, if the quartzes, including amethyst, do not seem to be helping, I would try “softer” energy insomnia stones such as pink dolomite, lepidolite or fluorite instead. Hematite might also be helpful. Any of those could be used in places of the quartzes on his night stand, or in addition to them. And of course, he should see a doctor about all medical issues, including insomnia.

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