Must I Use Crystals for _________?

QUESTION: Must I use crystals and stones for ______?

This is a question I have been asked many times. It is usually in response to someone being told they must use a crystal to heal or do metaphysical or spiritual energy work.


Crystals and stones are not required for healing or magic or energy work. A hammer will help smack a nail into a board, but a chunk of cement will do it too. Healing won’t be called crystal healing any more if you don’t use crystals or stones, but in the end it’s the healing that’s important, not the tool.

The critical part of energy work whether ritual or healing is the intent and energy. Crystals and stones can be useful or helpful as tools to focus energy, but they’re not required.

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If you feel comfortable or more focused by using crystals and stones in metaphysical, ritual, or energy work, by all means do so. I do. This goes for all uses of crystals.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you must have them or the work will not be effective. It’s just not so. There are many ways to accomplish most anything we might wish to accomplish. Crystals and stones are just one pathway, though a delightful one.

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