What Crystals To Use For Rosacea?

QUESTION:  I have rosacea which is a skin condition. I mainly suffer from it when I’m nervous or when I speak of uncomfortable/painful subjects. it causes great heat, redness and discomfort to the skin on my face. I need a cooling and calming stone that focuses on healing the skin, especially the face.

MY ANSWER:    There are a number of stones that are used in crystal healing for rosacea and the skin in general.

Crystals for Rosacea in particular include amethyst, ametrine, aquamarine, calcite (white, clear, blue), gray flint, green aventurine.

Crystals used for skin problems in general are  apophyllite, amethyst, aventurine, azurite / malachite, blue lace agate, Botswana agate, carnelian, chrysotile, corumdum (sapphire, ruby), crazy lace agate, dumortierite, fancy jasper, garnet (skin protection vs disease, especially), green jasper, moonstone, moss agate, epidote, mother of pearl, picture jasper, rainforest jasper (rhyolite), spinel, turquenite, turquoise.

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Of these, I’d pick the blue stones for rosacea, as they are more cooling energies including the blue lace agate, corndum (sapphire variety), dumortierite, turquenite or turquoise. Green stones would be my next choice, such as  aventurine, fancy jasper, green jasper, moss agate.

For issues with anxiety these are some blue crystals that are used commonly in crystal healing:  Blue phantom quartz, celestite, chrysocolla, covellite, fluorite (blue) , and richterite are blue stones which have cooling energy and are used for anxiety problems.

Celestite is one stone that is used in crystal healing for anxiety which is often associated with rosacea.
Celestite is one stone that is used in crystal healing for anxiety which is often associated with rosacea.

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