Using Crystals for Pets

A friend on Twitter asked recently about using crystals for pets, so this week’s Q&A is an article about using stones for pets and animals in general.

Crystals energy can work very well for pets including dogs, cats, and other animals. Stones can be used for their crystal healing, protection, and more.

Methods for working with crystals and animals is basically the same as working with people. Before working with animals and crystals, be sure to keep a couple of things in mind. Be sure that stones can not be swallowed by the animal. Be sure that stones used directly on the animal can not leave toxic or harmful residue. Respect the animal’s tolerance for crystal energy; it will differ by individuals just like humans. 

Choosing crystals to work with pets – Ways to choose the right crystal are the same as for humans as long as you keep the safety of the animal in mind.

  • Choose the crystal(s) that are used for a particular condition.
  • Choose intuitively – use stones that “feel” right for the animal to you.
  • Choose stones that are related to the animal chakra in question.
  • Let the pet choose the crystal. Set several crystals out and see which the pet seems drawn to.
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My personal favorites for working with animals are Clear Quartz, Infinite Stone, Schorl, and Rose Quartz.

Using the crystals — Laying on of stones is a primary method of working with crystals and pets. Place crystal(s) on the affected area or related animal chakra  as you would with a human.

Some animals are not comfortable with crystals being placed on them directly or will not stay still for it. In these cases, you have a few options.

  • Place the stones near the pet, rather than in contact with them directly.
  • Use a calming stone such as Lepidolite or Rose Quartz before using other crystals.
  • Put the stones in the pet’s bed. They can even be sewn into a special crystal blanket for the animal.
  • Crystal grids can be be very helpful when the cat, dog, or other pet.
  • Gem elixirs can be used for bathing or in drinking water. Be sure, however, to use only gem elixirs made with water and the indirect method; some animals are very sensitive to substances, even alcohol used as a preservative.
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Whichever stones and methods you choose, be aware that many animals are more sensitive to crystal energy than humans. My cats, for instance, don’t like to have crystals laid on them, but they don’t mind having them put in their cat beds.  I’ve known some animals that prefer only indirect methods such as crystal grids.  Pay attention to signs of discomfort or irritability when using crystal with animals, and act accordingly. As long as you stay alert to the pet and its safety, using crystals with them is easy and fun. 

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