Crystals for Nightmares

QUESTION:  “I have a friend whose daughter sometimes has nightmares (age 9), what would be a good crystal for her. Thank you”

MY ANSWER:  I’m sorry your friend’s daughter is having trouble with nightmares. There are a number of stones used in crystal healing for preventing and lessening nightmares, including amethyst, chrysoprase, citrine, dalmatian jasper, hematite, holey stones, rhodocrosite, spessartite. Of those, my top choices would be chrysoprase or pink manganocalcite.

Chrysoprase is said to be particularly useful for helping children with nightmares. Pink manganocalcite has extremely soothing energies. Both of these are heart chakra stones and can bring in loving energies to the situation. Lepidolite is a balancing and calming stone that could also be an excellent choice.

How Do You Smudge A Crystal?

Crystals for relief of nightmares are often used under the pillow, under the bed, or on a nearby nightstand. They can be loose or in a medicine bag or other holder. Just be sure if your friend uses crystals with her child that she make sure the child would not put them in her mouth as that would not be safe. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Pink Manganocalcite Pink Manganocalcite

Original article by Robyn Harton January, 2013.

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