Crystals For Focus and Concentration

This was my own Q&A sort in a sense. I’ve been working with a challenge, and I realized a big portion of the problem was that I was having trouble focusing on it in a useful way and concentrating on problem-solving. I decided to ask crystals for help.

So what are some stones that are used to help with focus and concentration?  Apatite, carnelian, citrine, fluorite, jade, hematite, lapis lazuli, obsidian, quartz crystals, sodalite, amber, malachite and ruby are all crystals that fit the bill. As you might guess, I happen to have all of them here.

One of the big things that gets in the way of my ability to concentrate is mentally “flapping around.” Grounding stones help with that. So I chose hematite, obsidian and ruby. Hematite went into my pockets, obsidian went here on my keyboard, and ruby in a necklace.

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I did that with intent and prayer and a request to my Higher Self to allow the energies of the stones to help me focus on my challenge to overcome it. Then I let go of worrying about  it, and went on with my day.

Later in the day, I was able to sit down and concentrate to figure out what I needed to handle this challenge and find a solution. That took an hour. I had been rattling around about this for months, and was finally able to focus on the solution, rather than obsessing about the problem.

I thank the crystals, my Higher Self, and the Divine. They are all there to help and I’m grateful.

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Originally written and posted on News in 2012. Updated April 2013. Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved.

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