What If My Crystal Breaks?

QUESTION: Could you please tell me if a big piece of my large quartz crystal sheared off, can I just save it as one piece or should I treat it as two separate stones now? It’s about a foot long piece with 3 inches sheared off, but it lays on top still perfectly. Please advise.

MY ANSWER: My experience is that if the crystal is still willing to work with you, it can be used as multiple crystals or as a single entity. I don’t recommend attempting to glue it, but working with the pieces held together is certainly possible.

If the crystal is not able or willing to work with you, consider if there is someone you should send it to or if the crystal is ready to be retired to the earth.

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My suggestion for determining which is most appropriate for you and your crystal friend would be to meditate or do a small ceremony in your sacred space to ask the crystal how it prefers to work. You can ask your higher self, angel or animal guides to assist in this quest. Ask what lessons may be involved, what the crystal wants to do. As always, ask that the answer be for the highest good of all concerned. If you don’t get an answer that resonates for you, clear the crystal and set it aside to ask later.

Before working with your crystal or pieces again, you should clear its energy, and give it time to heal in earth or white sage. Then you can proceed with the energy work or crystal healing you have been guided toward.

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