QUESTION: “I saw a beautiful figure of Quan Yin in a local store and I’m not sure of the material she was made from. The store owner told me the material is amberlin (a mixture of amber and resin). Have you ever heard of it and if there is such a thing, does mixing the amber with resin take away it’s metaphysical properties?”

MY ANSWER: Amberlin (or other trade names of amber and resin) is used a lot more than most know because unscrupulous dealers call it amber. Bah on that! It’s good that your local store owner is being honest!

My experience is that it’s not a problem as far as metaphysical properties when amber is mixed with resin. This may be because it’s normally mixed with copal resin, which is really just younger amber. Even if it’s mixed with plastic, I’ve not seen it to be a problem per se — it’s just got a bit less boost to the amber energy sometimes since there’s not as much of it there. I’m sure some people would disagree, but that’s my experience of it. 

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Originally posted at September 2004, Updated January, 2013.

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