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What Is Metal Matrix?

QUESTION: What is metal matrix? Some say it's natural turquoise. Others say it's man made. Does it have any metaphysical properties.

MY ANSWER: While there are some stones that grow with metal and stone intermixed, metal matrix is a modern, man made material. Small or crushed stones are bonded with molden metal to create a beautiful, modern material. Turquoise is a popular stone to use in metal matrix.

Sometimes metal matrix is called "Mojave" or "Mojave Metal Matrix." Mojave Purple Turquoise is a great example of this. Blue turquoise dyed purple is bonded with bronze and makes an outstanding jewelry stone.

As with everything, metal matrix stones have their own energy and thus, their own metaphysical properties. My experience is that they have that of the component stone(s) and metals, as well as a synergistic energy.

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