Crystals and Healing Q and A

Questions and Answers about crystal meanings, stones, Reiki, other crystal or energy healing, metaphysical, and spiritual topics by Robyn Harton and related miscellanea.

Using Stones to Increase Wealth

QUESTION: I am trying to attract wealth. I have an Yttrian Fluorite piece. I bought it some years ago because it was pretty. I learned from your list that it can be used to increase wealth. Are you able to advise me how to use my piece to do that?

MY ANSWER: Some basics of using a crystal to increase wealth, or any other purpose, would be to 

- Every day or night clear its energies, recharge it, and ask it to work with you on the issue.

- Carry it with you as often as possible, or wear it in a medicine bag or as jewelry if practical

- Sleep with it in the room such as on your night stand or under your pillow.

- Do affirmations for wealth daily. This page has some good ones and other good tips about affirmations.

- Perform any prayer or rituals or meditation regularly with the stone, asking for its assistance.

Yttrian Fluorite Example

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