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Selenite and Distance Reiki

QUESTION: "Can Selenite be used to send distant Reiki? I looked it up and Melody didn't list it like that, but for some reason I used it that way tonight for someone."

ANSWER: As far as using selenite for sending distance Reiki, I don't see why not. I've done it before. I've never seen it listed in any books that it can be done, but I seldom let that slow me down a bit. One of my Reiki Masters taught using any or all stones with Reiki as a crystal bath, in fact. As long as you don't feel icky about using a stone for Reiki of any sort, I say go for it. I've used virtually every rock, mineral and crystal that I've ever handled to do Reiki either in person or distance. None of them have ever complained.

Originally posted at June, 2004. Updated January, 2013.

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