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Moldavite Effects

QUESTION: Hi Robyn, your site caught my attention and realized that you may help me solve a problem I've been having.  I was meditating with Moldavite for a while, and have noticed that many times it seemed as if I was floating out of myself, but then I was not really going any where.  This has also lead to nightly encounters with beings from other planes.  And so I am wondering if there is any stone or crystal out there which neutralizes the effects of moldavite, and or something which will help ground me." D.

Moldavite Example

MY ANSWER: My first intuition is that switching to a different meditation stone would be the most straightforward way to alleviate the difficulties you're having with moldavite. Everyone has a different tolerance for particular stone energies and Moldavite may not be suited to you. Some other stones you might try are azurite (also known as "The Stone of Heaven"),  amethyst, celestite, sugilite, selenite, some variety of spodumene including kunzite of hiddenite, ammonite, or a window crystal.

If you prefer to continue working with moldivite, from the effects you describe, it sounds like you are on the right track with grounding. There are many grounding stones that you can use. Hematite is the one I personally have found to be the most effective. Schorl (black tourmaline), pyrite, Kansas pop rocks (Boji Stones when trademarked), various jaspers, smoky quartz, tiger iron, and most black stones and root chakra stones are also good grounding stones. Another possibility is to program the moldavite crystal you are using to bring you its energies you need and hold back those you don't wish to have.

Best wishes for wonderful meditations!

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